The Science

EverYellow is based on solid principles of Positive Psychology and neuroscience.

Why we develop negative mindsets.

The way we think, feel, and act are influenced by many factors including our day-to-day experiences. We respond to stimuli based on our perception of the world. And this perception is imprinted in our brain. Unfortunately, we have a greater sensitivity to negative situations (known as ‘negativity bias’) and this makes us more inclined to imprint bad experiences more than the good ones. This explains why many of develop a state of mind that is unhelpful.

Neuroplasticity, a brain that is ready for change.

The good news is that our brain’s conditioning is reversible. Neuroplasticity is our brain’s ability to reorganize itself by changing unhelpful neural connections and forming new and more positive ones. This enables us to overcome negative thought patterns, to challenge and let go of harmful beliefs, and to correct unproductive behaviours. This leads to having healthier emotional responses and a far better outlook in life.

Education & messaging rooted in science.

In order to flourish in life, you need to have education that informs, challenges your current thinking and encourages you to develop positive behaviours and habits. This is where Positive Psychology comes in. Positive Psychology is a robust scientific framework that focuses on our strengths, potentials, and positive experiences to improve our overall wellbeing. EverYellow’s messaging educates, inspires and motivates you to cultivate a better life by drawing on these key principles.

Building strength through repeating exercise.

Just like learning an instrument or increasing our physical strength, our mental fitness requires working out and practising to improve. EverYellow trains your mind to focus on wellbeing and develop positive emotional responses through repetitive conditioning. Each time you listen to EverYellow you reinforce the concepts you are learning and take another baby step forward. And over time, EverYellow automatically alters the messaging content to keep your mental fitness moving forward as you adapt and improve in different areas.


Everyone is different and the content and tools we need depend on our individual needs. To illustrate the point, Tim may be highly resilient to stresses but rarely feels positive emotions. Jack on the other hand may often feel positive emotions but gets stressed and anxious very easily. So Tim and Jack need to hear different content and learn different tools.

The personalization algorithms inside EverYellow are based on positive psychology (PERMA) plus additional principles essential to mental fitness, including physical health, autonomy, and self-image.

About Positive Psychology

EverYellow is based on the science of Positive Psychology, a field of science which is committed to helping individuals  uncover and utilize the tools to achieve a stronger and more productive mindset.

Positive psychology is a rapidly growing scientific movement that explores and demonstrates what people and communities need to flourish, while providing the skills and tools that are not usually taught in schools.

A meta-analysis of 40 research studies examining the effectiveness of positive psychology found that positive psychology  “significantly enhanced subjective and psychological well-being and reduce depressive symptoms.”

Positive psychology is the ‘science’ of human flourishing.

Research Findings

Positive psychology is centered on helping people living a more productive and fulfilling life . 

Here are some of the key findings of Positive Psychology research:

  • People who are satisfied with life eventually have even more reason to be satisfied, because happiness leads to desirable outcomes at school and work, to fulfilling social relationships, and even to good health and long life.
  • Happiness, strength of character, and good social relationships are buffers against the damaging effects of disappointments and setbacks.
  • Work is important as long as it engages the worker and provides meaning and purpose.
  • Money makes little contribution to well-being, but money can buy happiness if it is spent on other people.
  • Our best days include those where we feel autonomous, competent, and connected to others.
  • You can increase your happiness far more by changing your intentional activities (like paying for someone to take the bus when they’ve run out of money), than by changing your life circumstances (like getting a new car).
  • The practice of positive psychology techniques results in improved physical health and attention.
  • People with greater levels of happiness are more successful in their careers.
    Regular use of positive psychology strategies increases your ability to adapt to challenging situations and times of challenge.
  • Practicing positive psychology is one way to boost resilience in our ever-changing world.

Join The Movement.

EverYellow is a social enterprise with a mission to improve mental fitness globally. Social impact is core to our legal mission and to our business model – so this isn’t just marketing fluff. Read more about our mission and purpose here.

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