Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire millions of individuals globally to strive for ‘enhanced mental wellbeing’.

By fostering an environment for enhanced mental wellbeing, we aim to unlock greater opportunities for all, invigorate businesses, and cultivate stronger, more resilient communities.”

Our mission objectives:

  • To help millions of people worldwide attain enhanced mental wellbeing.
  • To make sure that money is never a barrier to mental health and always provide a comprehensive free version of our app.
  • To support mental health education. This means funding and delivering mental health education initiatives.

Our Values

Ethical Design

We believe in designing with integrity, putting the wellbeing of our users at the forefront of our decisions. We are committed to avoiding design practices known to be harmful or manipulative for the sake of profit.


We are accountable, responsible, and truthful. We aspire to be consistent in all our actions and to own our mistakes. We do what we say we will and always aim to deliver the best version of ourselves.


We embrace diversity and strive to achieve equality by seeking a wide range of perspectives to create inclusive approaches and solutions.

Balanced life

We live by our values and we want others to have the same opportunity. We pursue our values by being unwavering in our belief that everyone has the right to live a happy, healthy and balanced life and in doing so, we will assist others in their own pursuit of a life best lived.


We are innovative and disciplined, determined to make bold and imaginative connections and generate solutions that will benefit communities. We believe we can change the world and we want to collaborate with others to do so.

The rules we live by…

These are the guiding principles that form our culture and brand.

  • Value everyone equally, embrace diversity.
  • Help people be true to themselves.
  • Help people live a balanced life.
  • Help people maximise their human potential.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation.
  • Embrace failure.
  • Learn and evolve.
  • Be friendly and respectful, always.
  • Be empathetic, understanding and considerate.
  • Have fun and spread joy.
  • Listen and learn from those who are wiser than you.
  • Take ownership, don’t blame others.
  • Be responsible for everything.
  • Deliver an amazing customer experience.
  • Don’t accept the status quo.
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