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As a mental wellness influencer, you have the power to make a real impact in the lives of millions. At EverYellow, we’ve developed an innovative app that’s changing the game in mental health support.

Our unique app has already demonstrated its effectiveness and we believe that, with your partnership, we can reach even more individuals who could benefit greatly from its cutting-edge features.

Let’s join forces and bring the life-changing benefits of EverYellow to those who need it most.

The problem we solved

Mental wellness apps often lack efficacy, with research showing poor results and high rates of deletion within two weeks. Our founder faced this problem after experiencing a major mental breakdown.

At EverYellow, we’ve created a new kind of mental conditioning app that delivers real results. Our latest research shows 78% of users experience significant improvements in just 7 days! Plus, as a social impact venture, we believe access to mental health support should be accessible to all and offer a comprehensive, free version of our app for continued use.

Join us in making a real difference in mental health!

This is EverYellow

EverYellow is an innovative app that merges mental conditioning and positive psychology.

With just a few questions, EverYellow creates a personalized wellness profile and generates audio sessions that deliver daily coaching and motivation through a powerful blend of personalized guidance and emotive music and sounds.

Watch your audience experience not just relief from stress and anxiety, but lasting, positive change. Partner with EverYellow to make a real difference in the mental health and wellness of your followers.

Alans story (he’s our founder)

Alan struggled with mental health for most of his life, largely due to an abusive childhood. Alan has hit rock bottom numerous times and made multiple attempts on his life.

The straw that broke the camels back was when Alan came close to being killed in the Christchurch earthquake. This resulted in Alan having a severe mental breakdown. Despite a grim prognosis, Alan made the decision to fix himself.

Alan has since spent years studying psychology and neuroscience, and consciously working on his mental fitness. Alan is now dedicating himself to helping others achieve mental wellbeing.

The plan…

 We’re hoping you see this as an opportunity where you can use your brand to connect your audience with this highly impactful app. But this is far from a one-way deal, we would also help you expand your reach.

This is how we see it working:

  1. You create a shout-out style social video about EverYellow and share on your channels.
  2. You give EverYellow permission to take that video promote on our social channels.
  3. EverYellow will promote your video (with your @name clearly displayed) each month for at least 6 months, on our @everyellowapp social channels.

A win-win that also creates impact!


Look, we’re a bootstrapped impact enterprise just trying to get our feet off the ground, so we don’t have piles of cash. But at the same time, in additional to promoting you, we would like to reward your collaboration.


This is our preferred option as it obviously doesn’t cost us. The Lifetime subscription is valued at $300 USD.

You will also get five annual subscriptions, worth $60 USD each, that you can gift to friends or family, or even run a competition.

Total Value: $600


OPTION 2 – Payment

If payment is your preferred option then please let us know what your fee would be. Also, describe what kind of post you would do for that fee in the message field of the form below.


Are you in?

Partner with us today and let’s make impact!

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