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EverYellow is a mental health social enterprise based in Christchurch, New Zealand, the land of Kiwi’s, shaky ground and pavlova.

We’ve solved a major problem in the mental wellbeing app space that could help millions of people with their mental health. You’re someone who cares about tackling the mental health problem right? If so, we’d love to collaborate with you. 

The problem we solved

After our founder had a major mental breakdown about ten years ago, he tried all kinds of mental wellness apps but none did anything for him. He later discovered that numerous research studies that have looked into the effectiveness of these apps find that there is very little evidence of efficacy. Unsurprising then is that over 96% of these apps, even the top meditation apps, are deleted with fourteen days.

EverYellow threw away the rule book and developed a completely new kind of mental conditioning app that is highly effective and enjoyable to use. In our latest research, 78% of new users achieve significant improvements in their wellbeing within 7 days.

We have also taken away the barrier of cost. As a social impact venture, we put impact before profits and believe money should never be a barrier to wellbeing. So, the free version of EverYellow is comprehensive, effective and can be used for free forever.

Just imagine the impact we could create together!

This is what the app looks like…

EverYellow is a completely new type of mental conditioning app that gives you daily coaching and motivation blended with music and sound. 

To start, you answer some questions to build your wellness profile. We use this to personalize the workouts to your individual needs.

You then listen to your personalized workouts. People find these workouts not only give immediate relief to stress and anxiety but they also create permenant positive change.

Alans story (he’s our founder)

Alan struggled with mental health for most of his life, largely due to an abusive childhood. Alan has hit rock bottom numerous times and made multiple attempts on his life.

The straw that broke the camels back was when Alan came close to being killed in the Christchurch earthquake. This resulted in Alan having a severe mental breakdown. Despite a grim prognosis, Alan made the decision to fix himself.

Alan has since spent years studying psychology and neuroscience, and consciously working on his mental fitness. Alan is now dedicating himself to helping others achieve mental wellbeing.

Are you open to an altruistic collaboration?

We’re hoping you see this as an opportunity where you can use your brand to connect your audience with this highly impactful app. But this is far from a one-way deal, we would also help you expand your reach.

This is how we see it working:

  1. You create a social video about EverYellow and share on your channels.
  2. You give EverYellow permission to promote on our social channels.
  3. EverYellow will repost your video (with your @name clearly displayed) each month for at lest 6 months, on our @everyellowapp social channels.

If you’d like take up this opportunity, please send an email to Alan Cox: [email protected].

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