This is how you tackle employee stress and burnout.


EverYellow doesn’t just tick the box. It’s the mental fitness tool that really works.

We feel your pain.

Over 50% of your workforce is struggling with burnout and stress. Traditional services like EAP are massively under-utilized. And wellness apps have very low engagement and minimal impact.

You know that burnout and stress are taking a toll on your employees, retention and your bottom line, but you’re not sure how to address the problem.

Does this sound like you?


Poor mental wellbeing and mental ill health.


Experiencing stress and burnout.


Performing and thriving.

Burnout costs employers $2000 – $3,400 for every $10,000 in salary.

Possibly the most effective wellbeing app on the planet.

EverYellow is a paradigm shift in how mental wellbeing apps are made. From the ground up we designed EverYellow to be highly effective and enjoyable to use.

  • Personalized mental fitness coaching.
  • Mental conditioning approach works passively.
  • Very high efficacy. Our research shows that 78% of people create positive change in just one week. 
  • Very high engagement. 

Tons of five-star reviews!

Mental wellbeing app and enjoyable experience aren’t usually two terms that go together but with EverYellow it’s bang on. People who use EverYellow regularly and consistently because a) they enjoy the experience and; b) they feel the difference.

Top raves:

  • “It really works!”
  • “I love how I can use it subconsciously while I’m working.”
  • “The audio experience is so cool!”

A unique blend of science.

EverYellow is based on a novel mix of scientific principles that combine to make it super effective yet super easy to use. These include positive psychology, personalization, spaced repetition and mental conditioning.

Learn more about the science behind EverYellow.

A perfect companion to EAP and counseling.

EverYellow is the perfect accompaniment to EAP and counseling services. It empowers your employees to work on their self-care and self-efficacy between sessions, ensuring they receive ongoing support.

And for those who may not seek out EAP services due to stigma or fear of repercussions, EverYellow offers a safe and private space to improve their mental health.

Stigma free. Helps create a culture of wellbeing.

A culture of wellbeing is essential in any workplace. EverYellow breaks down the stigma surrounding mental health. And because EverYellow is enjoyable and “cool”, people are happy to promote it to their colleagues. This increases uptake, and helps create a culture of wellbeing naturally.

Reliable insights that respects employee privacy.

Our Teams Dashboard provides real-time wellbeing insights that are accurate and reliable. No more poor data from surveys or self-reporting tools. Our aggregated and anonymized data is derived from app usage and places no extra demands on your people.

Creating social impact.

Our goal is to create positive global impact, not to make huge profits. We believe our work will lead to opportunities for all people, better business, and healthier communities.

Your subscription helps us support mental health charities, research and education.

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