Higher achievement through mental fitness.

EverYellow is a mental fitness tool that programs the mind for resilience, happiness and achievement.

Measurably Better

EverYellow is an AI-powered mental conditioning app that uses psychology and neuroscience to develop mental fitness quickly and effectively.

Over 80% of users feel noticeable improvements in how they think, feel and behave within just one week.

Next generation wellbeing development.

EverYellow is a highly innovative app that helps your people develop self-efficacy and well-being simply by listening.

Using artificial intelligence, EverYellow generates highly personalized audio sessions that gently deliver information and guidance to change thoughts and behaviours.

Enjoyable and engaging.

EverYellow is a next generation wellbeing tool that was designed to be highly effective and enjoyable to use.

Over 80% of users experience noticeable improvements within just 7 days. And our retention rates are way higher than industry norms.

Instant, on-demand, anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

With EverYellow, all of the narrated coaching is stored on the mobile phone for immediate access at any time. No internet connection required, no using up valuable data.

Teachers and students are using EverYellow in many different ways. Some use it on their way to and from school/university, some use when on a break, and some use it when they go to bed.

Focussed on growth, and self-efficacy.

Far too many of your teachers and students are operating with sub-optimal mental wellbeing. This is not good for them and it significantly impacts academic outcomes and opportunities.

EverYellow is a growth-focussed tool that uses a continuous self-development approach. This enables your people to progressively move way beyond being just OK and achieve better results.

A unique blend of science.

EverYellow is based on an innovative mix of scientific principles that combine to make it super effective yet super easy to use.

Our content is based on the well proven principles of positive psychology, a branch of science which is committed to helping individuals  uncover and utilize the tools to achieve a better life.

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Is EverYellow meditation?

No, far from it. Meditation is a practice that involves calming the mind. EverYellow is mental conditioning tool that uses positive psychology to help you deconstruct unhelpful thoughts feelings and behaviours and build healthier ones.

How does the Everyellow app work?

EverYellow brings together a unique blend of scientific principles that help you re-wire your brain, easily and effectively.  When you first download EverYellow we get to learn about you as a person, this includes your wellbeing profile and your personality type. Then, as you listen to EverYellow we play a continuous stream of coaching narrations that help you make positive shifts in your mindset. You can learn more about the science of EverYellow here.

Who can we give the app licenses to?

  You can give them to anyone who is connected with your organisation and has a valid email address that you have permission to use.

Do users need an organisation email address?

No. You can invite anyone using their own email address so long as you have permission to use that email address.

How safe is our personal data?

All data is stored on Microsoft Azure secure data centres and all transfer of data is encrypted. The dashboard app and database contain zero personally identifiable data. So in the highly unlikely event that your dashboard is hacked, there is no personal data to see.

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