Finally, a mental wellness app that really works!

EverYellow is a completely new type of mental wellness app. People love it and it’s highly effective.

Pilot applications now open.

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 Listen to our founder, Alan Cox, tell you about this incredible new wellness tool.

The problem we’ve solved…

FACT: Over 96% of mental wellbeing apps are deleted within 14 days. And, shockingly, there is little evidence that any of these apps are effective. Find that hard to believe? Then look for yourself here, and here, and here.

EverYellow is different: We’ve been working hard for over three years to create a mental wellness app that is both highly effective and people enjoy using. 78% of people who use EverYellow feel significantly better within 7 days! Plus, our 14-day retention rate is over 10x industry norms.

How EverYellow works…

EverYellow is the first app to use a process know as mental conditioning. This means training your mind to modify your thoughts, feelings and thinking patterns in order to optimize positive thinking, constructive behaviors, and enhance performance.

When you first download the app, you answer a short set of questions that determine your  wellness profile and personality type. Our app then downloads your personalized set of content to your phone.

To use EverYellow you simply press Let’s Go, it couldn’t be easier. No choices to make. No cognitive friction. Each time you press the button, EverYellow auto-generates a fresh new session for you. This podcast like session delivers motivation and guidance that is tailored to you.

The simply listen. Just like physical exercise, the more you do, the faster you’ll become mentally fit.

Key facts…

  • EverYellow set out to solve the efficacy problem and has succeeded. In our latest validation tests, 78% of users felt significant improvements in their mood and mindset within just seven days.
  • Compared to an industry best 14-day retention rate of just 3.6%, EverYellow is achieving over 52%
  • EverYellow takes a completely new mental conditioning approach. Simply by listening to the podcast-like audio streams, your mind makes positive shifts that have wide ranging benefits.
  • EverYellow is the result of over three years R&D and rigorous testing. We believe EverYellow is the most effective mental wellbeing tool ever created.
  • EverYellow is an impact enterprise. We exist to improve the wellbeing of our population, not to maximise profits.

(Limited spaces available)

What users love about EverYellow…

  1. The biggest thing people love about EverYellow is that it is an enjoyable experience that asks nothing of them. They just open the app, press play and listen.
  2. People love the fact that EverYellow can be used passively. This means it’s not yet another thing to fit into their day. You can use EverYellow in practically any situation, even while working.
  3. People also love the personalization and control they have with EverYellow. The content you hear is highly personalized to you and you can also change the audio experience to suit your tastes.

How people are using EverYellow…

The great thing about EverYellow is that is easily fits into your life and you can use it in the way that suits your personal situation. 

  1. Daily Wellness
    Most people make EverYellow a daily habit as part of their self care routine.
  2. Stress Relief
    Many people use EverYellow when they feel they need it, such as when feeling stress or anxious. 
  3. When in a crisis
    For some people, EverYellow becomes a valuable tool for them when they are going through a crisis.

Alans story (he’s our founder)

Alan struggled with mental health for most of his life, largely due to an abusive childhood. Alan has hit rock bottom numerous times.

During his struggles, Alan tried numerous mental wellness apps only to find none of them worked for him. Later, Alan discovered he was far from alone. Alan was also shocked to learn that multiple research studies show a lack of efficacy in practically all mental wellness apps.

Alan is now dedicating himself to helping millions of people achieve mental wellbeing with accessible wellbeing tools that really work.

About the pilot…

EverYellow has been tested with thousands of users to ensure we have a world-leading product that provides genuine benefits to people. We are new to the market and at a stage where we would like to pilot EverYellow within businesses and organizations who care deeply about employee wellness.

The duration of the pilot is one-month from activation. EverYellow will work closely with you and do the heavy lifting to make the pilot easy and painless for you.

We are seeking applications from companies who:

  1. understand the value of investing in employee wellbeing.
  2. are actively seeking new solutions that have high efficacy and retention.
  3. can commit some internal resource to help facilitate the pilot.

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