Here’s how to have a better life. Improve your mental fitness.

EverYellow is a new and exciting way to develop mental strength and wellbeing.

Retrain your brain for resilience, happiness and performance.

EverYellow is an app that helps you develop a stronger and more productive mindset. Our scientifically designed audio experiences help you detangle negative beliefs, create healthier thought processes, and makes life easier and better.

Fluff free: EverYellow is down-to-earth and based on solid science.

Personalised to you.

Everyone is unique, so instead of giving you a one-size-fits-all experience, EverYellow gives you exactly what you need. First you answer some simple questions to let us know about who you are. Our personalisation engine then auto-generates mental fitness training sessions that are way more relevant and much more effective.

No money? No worries!

At EverYellow we believe that everyone should have access to wellbeing, regardless of their financial situation. So, EverYellow Standard is comprehensive and free forever.

Note: Paying for EverYellow Premium supports our social mission and keeps EverYellow Standard free forever for those who are unable to pay.

Creating Social Impact.

EverYellow is an impact enterprise. This means our primary mandate is focussed on creating positive wellbeing for as many people as we can. Our social mission is baked into our legal constitution and we will always put our community before profits.

Read about our mission here.

It really works…

All kinds of people are getting great results from using EverYellow. Everything from feeling more confident to performing better, and everything in between.

EverYellow has helped me to find peace in a busy world. It encourages growth and calm without being intrusive.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ This app brings with itself such a calm relaxing aura. It improves one’s mental outlook of the world. It has made me more positive, appreciative and affirmative of others and myself, and helped me with practical ways to cope with stressful situations.

EverYellow is a simple easy to use app that can add a lot of value to your day-to-day with counselling on-demand and mood boost. It’s great to hear voices of people around the world speak reassuring things into your ears.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Nice and relaxing app! Simple and on point concept full of useful content and topics. Would highly recommend!

Last Thursday I talked at a presentation in front of 20 people. Without this mental exercise this would not have happened, due to self-doubt and lack of confidence. Thank you for creating EverYellow!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Loving it! This app is in a different league. I love how you can fade the voice down and use the app when I’m working. I’ve been using EverYellow for less than two weeks and it’s already changing me for the better. I generally feel more positive about things and I’m noticing how things that used to bother me or stress me out aren’t doing that so much now. The messages in the app must be sinking in as they come back to me when I most need them. Great work getting this out into the world! Much needed right now.

With EverYellow, I honestly believe I am achieving more and positive thinking is taking a strong hold – I can certainly do more than I had been telling myself.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Wow! EverYellow is a great app. Using EverYellow regularly will put anyone in a good state of mind. It will boost your self esteem and may even reduce risk to depression.

EverYellow messages keep connecting with you days after listening. This is an awesome self-improvement and mood-enhancing app.

So why not give it a try?

Hey, I’m Alan the creator of EverYellow.

I struggled with my mental health through my school years and for many years after.  I know first hand how poor mental strength gets in the way of happiness and opportunity.

My life got exponentially better when I learned about my mind and actively worked on making it work better .

I created EverYellow to make it easy for anyone to achieve what I have. I also wanted to make Sure that money is never a barrier to wellbeing.

While EverYellow might not suit everyone,  I will say that it’s helping many people, and it could be helping you too.

Just give it a try.

Take the 7 day challenge!

Use EverYellow for ten minutes each day for one week and feel the impact.

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